Why Earn a CMP Certification?

The Tru Treasury Management Institute is here to give you industry-leading knowledge and resources to better understand Treasury Management Services. The CMP certification signifies that you’re dedicated to the treasury management profession and your overall career development. It emphasizes your allegiance to employers, coworkers, and the businesses your financial institute serves in your community. Join the CMP community and access valuable knowledge, networks, and resources.

You, CMP certified.

  • Boost your relevancy.

    Enhanced credibility when talking to business owners about cash management services.

  • Increase your earnings.

    As a certified Cash Management Professional, you can earn on average 10% more than your peers.

  • Increase your job security.

    Validates your competency in liquidity, capital, and risk management functions.


  • What happens after completing a certification course?

    After successful completion of our courses, you will typically receive a certificate emailed to you. After completing the Cash Management Professional Certification you will receive a certificate and a badge. You can then add this credential to your resume, LinkedIn profile, add the badge to your email signature, and add CMP to your title.

  • How long does it take to complete a certification course?

    Course durations vary widely depending on how much time the enrollee has to dedicate to the course. The lessons are designed to be in short intervals to maintain your attention and ensure you learn. Overall, it depends on the complexity and depth of the subject matter.

  • How do I prepare for Cash Management Professional exam?

    We recommend enrollees start with the Fundamentals in Treasury Management course, then move to the Advancing in Treasury Management Course, and end with the Strategic Treasury Management Course. Upon completion of the course, review course materials, take practice tests, seek out additional resources (books, online tutorials), and consider joining our Forum.

  • What are the prerequisites for CMP certification?

    Anyone is able to take the CMP certification exam anytime. However, to ensure you are prepared with the knowledge we recommend going through ALL of the courses.